Paradigm Counseling ​

Providing Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling for St. Tammany, Washington, and Tangipahoa parishes

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We understand that asking for help can be scary and difficult for any person. Putting your trust in others can be unnerving. We would like to be a calming force in the storm for you. We believe in meeting our clients where they are, physically and emotionally. Because no individual, couple, or family are the same, we completely individualize your care. After your consultation, we will complete an personalized plan with the therapist who bests matches your needs. With two therapists, we have ten years of experience helping our clients meet their goals for an improved overall well-being.

We strive to make our office at 1016 1/2 W 21st Avenue welcoming and comfortable for everyone that comes through our doors.

To make our clients the most comfortable, we also  will travel to the clients' location to provide services. We are able to provide services in nontraditional locations to best fit our clients' needs, like the park or closer to home. We have very flexible hours, including after work hours and weekends.

We are looking forward to helping you meet your goals!

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